OPC Data Logger
The OPC Data Logger is a basic data collection system that will connect to any industry standard OPC Server and log data to CSV files, which can later be viewed by Data Viewer, Excel, Access, etc.
  • Easy connection to OPC Data Servers like RS-Linx, RS-View, and Kepware.
  • Log data based on Time Interval, Data Change or Trigger for each data collection group.
  • Save and Open multiple configurations.
  • A free OPC Data Server installs with 'OPC Data Logger' to test the features without having an OPC device available.
File Management
  • Append data to an existing file.
  • Create a new file each time data is logged.
  • Create files using a string in the OPC data server as the file name. This allows you to use a batch name or product number as your new file name.
  • Append a date/time stamp or an incremental number to your file name.
  • Be prompted each time a new log file is created.
  • Create a new file name based on up to three different time periods. This can be used to create a new file name on each shift.
Error Handling and Recovery
  • Automatically reconnects to an OPC Server that has been inadvertently shutdown.
  • Sends a Heartbeat to the OPC Client at a predetermined interval.
Remote Control
  • Start, pause or stop logging based a data change or trigger.
  • Have the ability to control logging based on an inverted bit.
  • Quick Chart View, for viewing data as it is being logged.
  • Control the interval time to update the chart.
  • Change the charts color, grid lines and value range.
  • Save chart to Windows clipboard or as graphic image.
Data File
  • Logs data to standard CSV files compatible with Data Viewer, Excel, Access, etc.
  • Turn on or off data field names.
  • Customize data field names.
  • Log data to one value per line or one value per column.
  • Save array data by adding just one item to the group.
OPC Data Logger - Pro
The OPC Data Logger Pro has all the same features of the OPC Data Logger standard version but with Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL database support.
  • All the same feature of the OPC Data Logger stadard version
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and CSV all in one package
  • Also supports Microsoft SQL Express (Free) edition