OPC Data Viewer
The Data Viewer is a historical data viewer that charts and displays data from a variety of file formats. Data Viewer handles zooming, printing, and large data sets with ease.
  • A natural companion to the OPC Data Logger. Can piece together multiple CSV data files to look like one big file.
  • Reads multiple Data Log formats: RS-View, Access, DBF Files, SQL, ODBC, CSV, and Directory of CSV files
  • Can be used as an RS-View Trend and TrendX alternative, supports parameter files
  • Supports multiple View Modes: Chart & Data, Chart Only, and Data Only Microsoft Excel like view
  • View Multiple Charts and/or Data Sets Simultaneously
  • Enhanced Charting Capabilities: Zoom, Mark Data Points, and other Customizations
  • Enhanced Chart and Data Printing and Exporting Capabilities
OPC Data Viewer - Pro
The OPC Data Viewer Pro has all the same features of the OPC Data Viewer standard version but with Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL database support.
  • All the same feature of the OPC Data Viewer stadard version
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and CSV all in one package
  • Also supports Microsoft SQL Express (Free) edition